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News from the silver institute

Click on the link to read the newsletter " I think you’ll find it
interesting! [PDF file]

Best regards,
Jeff Herman

Jeffrey- [PDF file]

Thanks for the link. I had a feeling this was going to happen so I
bought silver about a month ago when it took a good dip in price. I
also went out and bought platinum last week.

We haven’t been buying gold much becasue it’s so over priced
comparred to plat and silver. We have only been buying gold as we
need it for projects.

Over 40 years ago a very smart lady in the jewelry trade told me to
invest in silver over gold becasue the industrial uses for silver
comparred to the resources was much higher than gold. I listened to
her and am so glad I did.

I do my best to read international news and world business news
every day and watch the markets closely. A politcal change in one
country can affect gemstone and metals prices the world over.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Precious for more than its looks. Thanks for the article.

Hi Jeff,

A quick read of the nano particle piece yielded this:

“An object gets its color according to the hues of the spectrum it
absorbs. A banana absorbs yellow.”

In truth, we see colors because an object selectively absorbs
wavelengths of various colors, reflecting back others. It is the
reflected color that we see, rather than the absorbed.

Just sayin’.
Take care and happy new year,