[News] Extremely rare 52.82 carat white diamond

Did anyone see… the 56 carat diamond or the 5 carat blue diamond
to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in May?

here’s the news clip and link to the pictures… stunning diamond!


The sad thing is we can make diamonds like that, and flawless too.

Personally I don’t get a diamond that large on a ring, looks like a
chunk of glass. Maybe on a crown.

Regards Charles

Color me strange but to me, a diamond that big, in a solitaire ring,
just seems a little bit on the tacky side. Regardless of the price.

MikiCat Designs

well big diamonds arent tacky, its who wears them and how they wear
it that can be tacky.

A very nice stone but the design doesn’t fit or add something extra
to the diamond. To me it is to basic and simple, the stone itself
deserves a much better design to translate the rarity of the stone.

Just my opinion

Have a nice one -)

I wonder how long it took to look at it with loupe and scope to
arrive at the clarity grade. thinking of searching a stone that size
for flaws (excuse me. imperfections) reminds me of the stories of
people looking for that melee that popped away near the bench.