Newbie Question: Thrumming?

What is thrumming?

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Thrumming is using cord made of any material you like, charged
with a polishing compound, to polish hard to reach areas of
metal. Tie one end of the cord to something stable (I use my
bench leg) and run your piece back and forth along the cord to

You may want to check out the orchid archives to get some great
ideas on materials to use. Go to on the www and it
will lead you to the archived messages.


Sharon Ziemek
GoldStones, Inc.

Dianne, thrumming is an old old method of finishing small inside or
otherwise inacessable spaces by means of threading a cord that carries an
abrasive or a buffing compound through or aroundthe area. The cord is then
pulled back and forth until the task is accomplished. Marilyn Smith