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[New Zealand] Job Offer

I am a manufacturing/retail jeweller in Christchurch, New Zealand,
and I am seeking the services of a skilled bench jeweller who could
possibly add a new dimension to our existing staff. We have a
well-equiped work-shop, and predominently make diamond jewellery,
particularly engagement rings. The position would suit someone looking
for a change of lifestyle, as our country is world-renowned for its
natural beauty and adventure tourism, skiing, fishing etc. We are
about to launch our second shop, and our work-load is increasing
steadily. There is a shortage of good jewellers locally so I would
like to get some new blood into the trade. Because housing is
relatively cheap, and the value of our dollar quite low against major
currencies such as the USD$, it is advantageous for anyone selling
out and moving here, as they can literally live like a king. Any help
you can afford me to this end would be much appreciated.

Ian G Williams, CEO.