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New Year (yak)


To all Orchid family members!

I thought my screen was changing colors…but it was only
blushing :slight_smile: it is truly heart warming to read all your msgs. thank
you for your support!

As we are closing nearly a half year of Orchid activity, I think
we really got something nice here. but just as Orchid flowers
can not blossom without water and sun, I want you to
know that without your active participation all these would never
happened! as an ex-medical sergeant, I was trained to doubt what I
see… assumptions are the worst enemy of anyone who interacts with
people. one of my New Year resolutions is to reassess the way we
work here. let us all look inside us and think how to make things
work better. let us refine the way we communicate and store the
knowledge we accumulating here. let us be a big strong family,
a clan, a nation :slight_smile: we at Ganoksin wish you all a happy and
creative new year!


Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.