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New Workbench



This refurbished/repurposed rolltop desk has been my latest project.
I’m learning to make jewelry part time at home and needed a better
work area than I had cobbled together over the last few years.

One of the attractions to this particular arrangement is that I can
close off the work surface so my cats don’t wander into it. :slight_smile:

I raised it up about 8 inches by adding boards to the bottom of it.
I’ll finish it off by adding a lemel catcher and the apparatus to
hold my foredoom flexshafts. Participation is absolutely FREE!

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What a brilliant (pun) way to refurbish an old roll-up top work
bench. Accolades are in order! I liked the pieces of wood underneath
to give you more elevation. Very innovative!..:>)

Gerry Lewy