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New work pix and question necco wafers


Hi: new member Jim Spiri here. I posted pix of my first ‘jewelry’
[isn’t there a better term? No ‘jewels’ were used] at

comments welcome. I’ve already learned a couple critical things the
hard stupid way- 1. USE VENTILATION [and proper respirator*] (or get
Fume Fever, AKA Brass Founder’s Ague, or die). 2. After you use a dry
chemical fire extinguisher [let’s just leave it at that] your dapping
block and punches (fortunately cheap Harbor Freight ones) and similar
things will be rusty.

Using silicone lube spray now. For now, my ‘studio’ is my Dolphin RV
(my ‘bench’ looks very different from the ones posted here), not
ideal but doable, IF i’m much more careful and more smarter.

*though i read in one book, and it makes sense, that if you need a
respirator, you really just need better ventilation

Actual question: i’m interested in using Necco wafers. I want to
make something like outre PEZ dispensers for them, and use them in
actual jewelry, as one might use interesting coins. For the
dispensers, are there metals to be avoided [the Necco wafers in this
case are for eating]? For the other, as well as for other fragile
materials i want to use, such as kudzu vine tendrils [not really
kudzu, i’m in the Pacific Northwest, but they’re vines, maybe someday
(when i have electricity available and safer work environment) i can
use electroforming/plating…)] and Cholla cactus skeletons, i’m
thinking of using a technique i call “Petrafying” - in which my
imaginary intern Petra treats them with something like Minwax Wood
Hardener. Other ideas? Thank you all


Jim, I really like your use of “found items” in your jewelry and
tables, etc. Your work is very different from may (I make fancy,
scrolly-looking stuff in silver and gold), but I’m quite fascinated
inyour work. I especially like your collaborative work with the
mouse! I’m not sure of what to use with the necco wafers. They
wouldn’t last long enough with me to make anything with them. They’d
all be eaten within three minutes.


Hello Jim,

Nifty benches! Your found objects do not read as ‘found’ when
repurposed as you have done. I also am intrigued by your 'tea house’
concept. Your architecture education really shows.

No suggestions for a ‘pretrafying’ process other than using the item
as a master that is then cast. You could cast large objects in
concrete, but then you knew that.

Thanks for sharing your work,

Judy in Kansas, where the snow is actually beginning to melt. of
course, the massive piles on parking lots and road sides will be with
us for a while.