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New use for bicycle mirror


Hi All. I do a lot of stampwork, which sometimes requires that I be
able to view the process from two angles to make sure everthing is
lined up right. I’ve tried inspection mirrors and various homemade
contraptions, but nothing I was ever happy with.

Then it occured to me that the helmet mirrors that bicyclists wear
might work. I looked at a bunch, and the Cycle Aware Reflex Helmet
Mirror was the clear choice. It has an ovalish base intended to be
stuck on the helmet. I stuck it instead to a small copper plate for
extra stability.

Coming off that base is a solid but bendy section about 3" long,
then a 2" section that looks like gooseneck. At the end, on a
pivoting ball, is an oval mirror 1 5/8" x 1 1/8". I can position it
any which way to see just the angle I need, and it gives a clear
stable view.

It’s far better than anything I’ve used! So if you ever need to see
the other side, check it out.