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Extracts from the book ‘Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop’ by
Charles Lewton-Brain

o Homemade Engravers Ball

There are several methods of obtaining the smooth rotation of a
piece of metal necessary for engraving on it. Many North West
Coast American Indians use a hard leather pad and hand control to
do it. One can install various chucking devices onto a heavy base
as well. A standard machined engravers ball can cost $500 and
more. This version costs less than $30.00…

o Hammer Hints

Hammers are an essential part of silversmithing and
goldsmithing. While one can buy hammers ready made one can also
do a lot with home-made versions and adaptations…

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** New Uploads **

Additions has been made to the Tips From The Jewelry Bench
Search engine: (

From the book: "Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop"
By: Charles Lewton-Brain, Brain Press - Canada
Metals info download web site:
Product descriptions:

o Jump Ring Notes

o Some Basic notes on Chasing Tools

o Some Flexible Shaft Tricks

o Some Notes on Optical Effects in Gemstones"

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