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[New Uploads] Tips From The Jeweler's Bench

The Ganoksin Project
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Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques

New Uploads:

  1. Keep your studio out of your home.
  2. Casting Safety: a glimpse
  3. Safety - Your own procedure evaluation
  4. Studio Safety Evaluation
  5. Chemical Inventory and Profiles
  6. Some hints on Pinback Placement
  7. Considerations in Photographing Various Media
  8. How you move, sit and stand: Ergonomics

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  1. Keep your studio out of your home.

Often craftspeople start out making craft objects in their living
space, a kitchen, a living room, and sometimes continue working in
them even when they have grown to the point that they need a
separate studio. It is not wise to …

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  1. Casting Safety: a glimpse

An introduction to safety issues when casting in a small shop. It
cannot hope to address the whole gamut of problems but can serve to
introduce some important principles.

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  1. Safety - Your own procedure evaluation.

When looking at your shop and workspace and considering safety
issues it is important to evaluate the procedures you use in terms
of safety.

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  1. Studio Safety Evaluation

Just as a professional would do, it may be a good idea to conduct a
walk-through of your shop. The kind of things you would look for and
comment on include…

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  1. Chemical Inventory and Profiles

If you know what the chemicals are that you use and what their
dangers are you will be less likely to hurt yourself with them. In
your ‘Right to Know’ binder you should have a …

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  1. Some hints on Pinback Placement

It is customary to place the joint at the right of the back of the
pin and the catch on the left for right handed users who=85

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  1. Considerations in Photographing Various Media

Three - dimensional objects will be well served by the methods
described before, such as overhead diffuse lighting, fill card and
mirror use. For flat things

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  1. How you move, sit and stand: Ergonomics

Sore back? Achy wrists? How’s that neck? Do you have to twist and
reach for tools? Do you have hemorrhoids? Sore eyes? Craftperson’s
hunch? Your body is talking to you and you should be listening.
Many craftspeople have posture and body position problems…

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Dr. E. Hanuman Aspler
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