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New Tool?

Greetings all you tool hounds:

I was in Stullers yesterday and saw a tool that I had never seen
before. A dapping block with ellipse shapes. Yes, that is oval or
ellipse shapes. Very cool tool. Placed it on my wish list immediately
at around $250 or so US it is definitely on the wish list. Thought it
very interesting with great new design possibility. Would love to play
with it. Just thought I would pass this along to all you orchididians.
(new word??? my spell check says, yes) Frank Goss

Frank, is that a supply store in your area? Could you give us the
Tel#? I would love to have one of those dapping blocks. I saw
something similar at a flea market in India about 10 years ago, but
the quality was not very good. The punches were not even made of
steel. Thanks,


I’m Sorry: I always assume too much about others general knowledge.
Stuller Settings in Louisiana has the elipse dapping block. P.O. Box
87777, Lafayette, La 70598-7777 Ph. 1-800-877-7777 Internet email: info@ That should get you
there. I would really like to hear your opinion of this tool if you
purchase one. Looked very well made and functional. Very high polish,
very fine machine work, hope the steel is hard enough. Frank Goss

The Punches I use for my round hole Dapping block are made of wood
NOT steel. It doesnt thin the metal, or blemish the metal, I got
them from a French supplier. karen

Frank - Hve you tried to make your own elipse block out of thermo
plastic. It’s amazing stuff. Cathy

I haven’t made eliptical punches out of thurmo plastic yet. I have
used it for covering stakes to alter the shape and used them as a
sort of template for forming. I have also done some casting with it. I
heat the plastic in water and then draw and shape it with tools and
then cast it. I have gotten some really great results and very organic
shapes. My shop will never be without it. Thanks for the thought.
Frank Goss

Hello Frank,

You can also make very nice tools and dies from Polyester with glass
fibre in it. They use it for repairing cars covering large holes. A car
shop, will sell this stuff.


Martin: Yes polyester resins are great stuff, but they are very toxic
and should always be worked with an organic vapor mask and gloves. I
spent a couple of years in the late seventy’s working such resins for
a local museum. I managed to develop a pretty good allergy to not only
polyester resins but also epoxy. I vote for the thermo plastic. Non
toxic and no mixing. Thanks for the alternate idea. Just remember
your organic vapor mask when working with these products either mixing
or sanding they release toxic fumes. Frank Goss