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New to the list

Hi there… My name is Lissa and I’m very new to the list. I’m
aspiring to get into the jewelry game.This message is for everyone,
but especially to Kevin in N/W England. Kevin: I noticed in your post
that you’re both from the UK and that you took an apprenticeship.
Myself, I’m fairly young and I’m looking for an apprenticeship
somewhere in the West-South Yorkshire area of England, specifically
Wakefield or Leeds. If anyone can help me out, I’d be eternally
grateful… I’m completely at a loss as to how to get into the
business. Currently I only do beaded jewelry or beaded macrame, and
I’d like to expand my horizons into a career in jewelry somehow. Any
thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks… Lissa Kean

Hi Lissa Just seen your posting , in the area that you live their are
very few apprenticeship if any in the trade . You may find one in
London or Brum ,but you need to be very good . One of the colleges in
Leeds runs a very good 2 year B tec .You did not state which part of
the trade you are interested in or your age .If you would like to let
me have some details I may beable to set you off in the right
direction , you can E mail me direct on
or ring 01274 690570.

Regards David Sheard LA Sheards Bradford West Yorkshire