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New to GanoksinOrchid. Anyone Near Central OH Who Can Mentor Me?

I am new to Jewelry Design. I have a bit of money, and a creative flare, lots of tools from other work I’ve done (MAP torch, jeweler’s files, etc) and need to make some informed-decisions about what direction I should go given my inexperience. The process that most attracts me is 3d print/burn-out/cast/finish, and I’d like to add in stone-setting, and other value-added capabilities on the finishing side of the process.

I am in Central Ohio, and wondered if there is anyone who is experienced in this field and wouldn’t mind helping me get started on the right foot.


Welcome to the Orchid forum!

I am not near Ohio, but I have a quick question for you…

you mentioned that you are attracted to the 3D print/ burn-out/ cast finish processes, as well as stone setting…that is a broad list of skills to learn (and potential capitol outlay…)

are you more attracted to the design aspect? or the actual production/ fabrication aspect? or both equally?

many parts of your list could be out-sourced, allowing you to spend more time doing what you prefer (and what you don’t prefer, but need to do;)

you can outsource:
3D CAD design
3D printing
stone setting

or you can learn to do it all…

just my musings…


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Yes, I am aware that much of it can be outsourced. I’ve looked into that. I am fairly confident in my ability to learn and master diverse skillsets, but I also know that there is a real qualitative difference between an experienced artisan and a learning novice. I am going into this with the notion that having full control and knowledge of every process affords me advantages. One being I will have quality-control. Two being I can achieve a particular artistic / design result that might otherwise be difficult to convey to a 3rd party service provider. I probably will outsource 3D design, and possibly even printing at the beginning. Stone-setting…I have no idea how I will be able to learn to do this, and that is why I was hoping to meet someone local to Central Ohio, who might be able to give training or allow me access to their workshop.

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i highly recommend Jewellery Training Solutions with Peter Keep, for online training for professional fabrication and stone setting. his training videos are excellent and set up like a progressive curriculum…it is as if you are leaning over the front of his bench and he is showing how to do something.

all access monthly subscriptions are approx $50 usd, i think

(Soham Harrison teaches some of the beginning level courses)

I also recommend “At The Bench” with Andrew Berry, for online jewelry making. His video projects are usually a few videos each, and sometimes repetitive in that they “start at the beginning” each time…meaning 3 ring projects might start with making a round shank…but! repetition can add in learning and retention. His camera work us closeup and clear. He is very good at teaching soldering skills up close and personal.

all access monthly subscription is akso around $50 usd, i think

check their websites for pricing

If i had to categorize the above, my personal observation would be that Peter Keep covers jewelry training…and Andrew Berry covers jewelry making…

you can always supplement with other, local in-person course, workshops, etc…


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