New stone - Glacier Ice

I have the great priviledge to be the Canadian rep for a brand new
stone discovered on private property in Brazil. The stone is called
Glacier Ice and a part of the topaz family. It is an incredible
stone with the correct faceting its brilliance shines in a candlelit
room. I was wearing mine in a restaurant that was lit only by candles
on the tables and a woman came over to our table and excused hereself
and asked me if I had a diamond on. She said from where they were
sitting it shone so many colours their way she just had to come over
to see it and wanted to know where she could get it. When the press
release is done I will send in pictures of this stone. I would not
have believed the stone even existed if I hadn’t been there when it
was discovered. This stone is raw, there is no enhancement at all.
The colours came out when I began faceting it. It will be a huge
rival to other stones. Just wait and see. Leslie