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New Show in Virgina

Hi All,
The Gem and Mineral Society of Lynchburg, Va. USA is going to be
sponsoring it’s 1st annual show August 16-17. Being a 1st. we
are looking for ideas and on show organization, setup
things to watch out, things that should be done to help make it a
success. If you could offer any suggestions it would be greatly

Thanks in advance!


David Lipscomb
Nelson County, Virginia
Email address: @David_Lipscomb

Start 12 months in advance.

Build a mailing list (and membership). This database is a
profit center and club-building tool when done right.

Get free eveent advertising by using TV community activity
boards, same in newspapers and photo/feature articles about

Get deep pocket corporate sponsors (guys who sell you equipment,
supplies, etc., to pay for the food, drink and big ticket stuff
so they can advertise.

ID your audience and have talks by vendors for them and for the
public at the show.

I can be more specific if I know more details, but it’s summer,
and I’m outta here!!!