New shop, new website

After months of planning, I have finally moved my shop. My goal was
to open it up to accommodate new lapidary equipment and a rolling
mill that were purchased and built since I built my old shop. I also
have finally moved my website to a mac friendly application and
hosting site. For me, go daddy was awful. Thanks to all who sent me
advice about what software worked for them. I now use sandbox to
create and maintain the site and it is hosted at A2 hosting. Take a
look at my website for pictures of the new shop and let me know what
you think about the shop and website.

I always appreciate the discussions that I find posted on the Orchid
site. Rob

Rob Meixner

Hi I have seen your website very nice workshop

Kapil Jain.

Congratulations, Rob! Your new shop is great, and I am sure that yo
will be very happy there.