New series of All that Glitters on UK TV

Hi again - I’ve just remembered how interested many of you were in All that Glitters, a TV programme that starts with 8 jewellers all being given timed challenges to create specific items, then being voted out one by one by the judges each week. The final is this week but you should be able to catch it on YouTube, as with the last series

I watched most of the first series. Then it was pulled from you tube. Is there a way to finish that first series? I already spend way to much on TV subscriptions and won’t add another!

Jean Menden

Ha - sorry I can’t help you there Jean. I’m moving to Spain and won’t be able to watch future series as the BBC iPlayer service only works within the UK

I think the new series is on Youtube. Certainly Andrew Berry talks about the programmes on his Youtube channel and they are often highly entertaining. I might even be temped to try delph casting myself. :rofl: