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New quick advice on Goldfilled Wire

Can Goldfilled wire be drawn down? I have 20g but need 21g. Will this ruin it? I imagine you can’t. But figure it won’t hurt to ask. I might be asking a dumb question. I know how it is made, and this leads me to think this would not be smart.


No one knows? I guess this is a good question after all?

Yes, gold filled wire can be drawn down. That’s how it’s made. It starts as gold filled rod and gets drawn into wire. Just make sure your drawplate is well polished, since you likely wouldn’t be able to remove any scratches without wearing through the plate layer.

Gold fill, also called rolled gold, and Sheffield plate are both built on the principle that the malleability of the base layer and that of the top layer are similar. When the billet is drawn or rolled the constituent metals decrease in thickness proportionately.

Thank you so much and that explanation makes alot of sense to me. I was apprehensive asking this because I didn’t want to seem dumb! haha, I am glad I asked now.

Thank you

I have never had any trouble drawing down GF wire. Rub some bees wax on the wire before you run it through a draw plate.

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