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New process for stablizing Turquoise


I have been working on a new process for stabilizing turquoise for
the last eight months. I expect to shorten the time for the process
and make it competitive in our market.

When I complete the final testing phase, which is within the next
several weeks, I would like to send free samples to several jewelers
that work with Turquoise for evaluating my product. I will send self
address envelopes and a form for you to fill out, giving comment on
what you think and if there are any constructive criticisms.

I have been visiting this site reading the great advise and help you
give to people just starting off like my self. I, am a newbie with
silver and just love the combination of this metal and turquoise.

Just a few years ago was my first trip to the southwest and became
hooked on the area and Turquoise. I, am a rock hound in Connecticut
and mine for aqua marine. I have a contact in New Mexico for the
Chalk so that’s the story.

I hope a few of you will respond and when the time comes evaluate my

Thank you all for your help
Kurt S. Haesche

Chalk? Turquoise? there should be a ban on misrepresentations that
will lower value! Now We Jewelers will have to fight off your fakes

Ringman John

Thank you all for the wonderful replies to my evaluation request. I
now have enough persons to send my product to. As soon as the final
tests are complete I will ship out the samples.

Thank you all.

Continue from:

Can anyone forward me an address, e-mail or telphone number of
persons who are willing to sell SOFT Turquoise. I once had a
contact, Jane Mason from Utah, but lost the info when my system

I will need hundreds of lbs as time goes on. For all those Jewelers
who were kind enough to evaluate my turquoise you will soon be
recieving samples. The testing is complete and the process was

Thanks for all your help.
Kurt S. Haesche

Hi Kurt.

Please send me a small sample of the turquoise that you have
stabilized and I will send you a sample of the latest work we have
worked on.

Lloyd Butterfield,
1127 East Carmen.
Tempe, AZ.,

Have a good day.