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[New Orleans] Jewelry Attractions

I will be in New Orleans in June. Can any Orchidians suggest jewelry
galleries or shops related to jewelry that I might visit while there.
I would also appreciate suggestions for dining at fine restaurants and
for listening to jazz music.

Thank you.

Well, there’s Thomas Mann’s gallery. You’ll also find lots of
about New Orleans at his website:


To Steve R, While in New Orleans you might visit Symmetry Jewelers,
they are located at 8138 Hampson Street, and their telephone is 504
861-9925. You can view their website at

For Jewelry, one of the nicest people, and one of my best buyers:
Dashka Roth of the Dashka Roth Gallery on Chartres in the French
Quarter. Great eclectic store! Tell her that I said hi. :slight_smile:
Lisa, Topanga, CA USA