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New Orleans Festival - Crafts


I’m very deliquent in geting this info out - I was contacted by
an orchidian directly and have lost his email - All information
regarding Jazz Fest can be found at -
you can also tune into our great community jazz & heritage radio
station over the net via this site (WWOZ) or call the Jazz Fest
Office for at (504) 522-4786.

For info on selling in craft tents you would have to contact them
directly as I’m not certain of the process - I do know that the
majority of artists are from Louisiana with others juried in from
US. A country is featured every year (Honduras this year I
believe) and artisans are invited from that country but I don’t
know about representation from other countries aswell. There is
also a “Fest Internationale” in Lafayette, LA the same weekends
which is much like Jazz Fest in its youth - that would be one to
try also! Hope this helps. Ideally one could sell at the Fest
one weekend and enjoy the music and tasty food the other weekend
(April 28th - May 7th)

Any orchidites planning on jazz festing? Let’s hook up!

Jennifer Dewey - Jewelry Designs
New Orleans, LA - USA
(504) 945-0939
The passion flowers are still blooming here…