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[New Orchid Gallery] Yi Shan Tsai

Yi Shan Tsai
I-Shan13. Taipei, Taiwan

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Master of Arts, MetalSmithing, Graduate Institute of Applied Arts
Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan. Her works had
been awarded by Germany/Munich ‘TALENTE-International Competition’
and The 2nd National Metal Crafts Competition, Jewelry with Second

In recent years, Tsai’s metal works have been noticed by several
global brands. In 2011, Tsai was invited by Italian designer brand
FENDI to join the FENDI’s design series “Fatto a Mano for the
Future”. In 2012, Tsai had another opportunity to help JAMEI CHEN
design the spring/summer accessory collection. In 2013, Tsai
designed a piece of “metal dress” for AVEDA’s spa center. The
“dress” is made of more than 5000 metal pieces and has to show the
body contour, which requires a significant amount of patience and
attention to detail.

I Shan Tsai’s works draw inspiration from the life of emotions,
through the individual imagination with hand draw illustration form
and converted into metal craft. She uses a variety of different
materials with a delicate care to construct work which has created
her personal style of works. Her works often has its magic narrative
and make people go into her dream world and forgot the reality. I
Shan Tsai construct all the works from her own hand and she often
plays a role between the jewelry design and abstract arts.

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