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[New Orchid Gallery] Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman
Moab, UT. USA

My “flight” series takes me back to my love of Calder’s sculptures
and Miro’s drawings in college, back further to watching “The
Jetsons” on Saturday morning, and finally to my mother reading my
favorite “Dr. Seuss” book at bedtime about the City of Whoville
contained in a single speck of dust.

Whoville is represented by a single cultured pearl in my jewelry
pieces. The whimsical shapes in which they reside are fabricated
from sterling silver sheet and wire and hand-rolled and textured 18k
gold. Original prismacolor drawings shrunk to 1/10 their original
size on my favorite childhood art media “shrink-dink paper” are
capped with automotive epoxy and bezel set in 22k gold. The colorful
drawings, combined with the delicately handcrafted flat-wire
sculptures, which often link together like “a barrel of monkeys”,
create the imaginary landscapes of my jewelry designs.

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