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[New Orchid Gallery] Vina Rust

Vina Rust
Seattle, USA

Orchid Gallery:

This body of work explores the idea of exposing intricate internal
structures with devices such as the cross-section or selective
staining of cells. It is inspired by botanical illustrations and
photomicrographs, imagery that has cultivated a sense of wonder in
me: there is a musical quality to the cellular structures they
reveal, themes and variations in the logical patterning and loose
architecture determined by functionality.

With a diverse cultural background, and training in both the arts
and sciences, I often draw inspiration from a broad range of
sources, including the fin de siecle English illustrators Rackham
and Beardsley, and the so-called “ethnic” jewelry of Southeast Asia
and Oceania. My influences do, however, tend to share a common
thread: acute observation of natural forms, and an appreciation for
the tension between beauty and menace so often found in nature’s

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