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[New Orchid Gallery] Thea Fine


Thea (teddi) Fine

A self-taught bead weaver, I sew seed beads, cabochons and other
objects together using traditional, age-old stitches (peyote,
right-angle-weave, brick stitch, and other) to create one-of-a-kind
worlds of wearable art.

My inspiration in virtually each piece has come from my my maternal
grandmother, Rose, who was a crafter from the day I met her until
the day she died. She taught me many crafts and made a gift of a
bead loom to me in the 1950s…It was the genesis of what has evolved
into my work today.

Thus, for example, my current freeform work derives, in part, from
her German tatting with a central motif and wandering designs that
surround it; other work comes from the seaside on Cape Cod where I
spent summers with her as a child.

Today, my pieces come together sometimes over days, generally over
weeks or months. Central motifs dictate color and patterns. It’s
often freeform, but exacting work that, for this traditional type-A
personality is a wonderful form of relaxation and Zen-like
concentration. Hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.

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