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[New Orchid Gallery] Suz Andreasen

Artist: Suz Andreasen
Orchid Gallery:

My world is one of pure imagination: where metal, stone and light
reflect and play with one another to compliment the wearer. All of
my work is done in fabrication and I am an activist in the arena of
promoting jewelry Made in America, meaning, jewelry that is
constructed in the United States and is not outsourced in any way to
other countries. I am a goldsmith at heart, but my passion is the
creation of new alloys, gold colors, and the use of new materials in
innovative ways.

  1. Chrysler Building Earrings, 22K Gold, Fabricated.

  2. Tortuga Necklace, 22K Gold with Natural colored Diamonds,

  3. Tigerlilly Suite - 22K Gold with Peridot, Rubies, diamonds,