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[New Orchid Gallery] Sonja Hunefeld


Sonja Hunefeld
Odinski Jewels
Leiden, Zuid-Holland. Netherlands

Sometimes her inspiration comes in a dream, but often the
experienced goldsmith gets her inspiration from the material with
which she is working with at that moment. By translating ancient
techniques to modern methods, and the will to make the impossible
possible remains a challenge to continually rediscover the material
with which she has been working with for such a long time.

After Goldsmith Tradeschool in Schoonhoven (The Netherlands) Sonja
Hunefeld worked as a goldsmith, jeweler and product-manager abroad.
Since 2010 she has been creating unique handmade jewelry as an
independent goldsmith. Pure Silver and 18 kt red gold in particular
are favorites, but also metals such as zirconium and platinum are
quite familiar to her.

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