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[New Orchid Gallery] Sharla Pidd

Sharla Pidd
Tidal Ware Jewelry
Oakland, California. USA

Tidal Ware Jewelry by Sharla Pidd showcases bold pieces that
transform the mysticism of the desert with the confident,
statement-making aesthetic of the urbanite. Tidal Ware offers unique
one-of-a-kind jewelry, custom orders, and the occasional metal
sculpture. The name Tidal Ware pays homage to the artist’s lifelong
recurring dreams of tidal waves.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Sharla Pidd is a rock collector
turned silversmith. She started making jewelry in 2008, selling her
creations as a street vendor in San Francisco. Sharla received her
education in jewelry design and fabrication from the Sharon Art
Studio, The Revere Academy, and through apprenticeships with Sam
Patania in Tucson, AZ and Taber Studios in Berkeley, CA. Today,
Sharla works out of her studio at The Compound Gallery in Oakland,
California. Her line of jewelry is inspired by design but ultimately
she is motivated by improving her craft and experimenting with
different metals and techniques.

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