[New Orchid Gallery] Pam Caidin

Pam Caidin

I am captivated by the subtle beauty of recurring patterns in the
natural world, universal patterns that cross all boundaries of scale
and substance. All matter and energy in the universe are governed by
the same natural forces, and patterns are a visible manifestation of
these forces. Trees, ice crystals, capillaries, all share the same
dendritic growth pattern. The optic nerve takes the same radial form
as the rays of the sun, or the dandelion. Animate or inanimate,
growth or decay, everything follows the same organizing principles.

My work is an interpretation of these patterns in metal. I make
drawings based on found images, then photoetch those drawings into
copper and nickel silver, letting the acid eat all the way through
the metal, until what remains is a lacy replica of the original
drawing. This pattern is overlayed onto fine silver by soldering the
two metals together, then rolled in a rolling mill to imbed the
etching into the silver. This overlayed piece is then used as an
element in a hand fabricated hollow form. To me, the ordinary,
everyday is sublime.

my hands. And from my Sicilian mother, who loved all things
Japanese, my quiet aesthetic.

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