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[New Orchid Gallery] Naomi Grace McNeill


Naomi Grace McNeill

When I design jewelry, I find I’m especially drawn to the negative
space where the body shows through. The simplicity of my work speaks
to this as it allows one to look through the piece to see the body
beneath it to notice a shadow or glow cast on the skin. My current
work investigates the relationship of hexagonal patterns to the
human body. Honeycomb and wasp nests caused my initial attraction to
the pattern. As my obsession grows, I see it everywhere (e.g.
flowers, snowflakes, sidewalks). All of these remind me of the bees
and their honeycomb, it has become clear to me that the relationship
between the body and this pattern isn’t just an aesthetic choice,
but a catalyst to inspire awareness of the delicate balance we are
living in. The honeybee plays a key roll in the production of our
food supply. By associating honeycomb with the body, my work ignites
this important connection between bee and human. My goal is to
encourage a conversation that goes beyond the beauty of light,
shadow, and negative space; so that we can simply live to appreciate
these things for generations to come.

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