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[New Orchid Gallery] Michelle Kaye Robison

Michelle Kaye Robison
Robison Studios
Napoleon, Ohio. USA

I think of fairies and mermaids and collecting shells on the beach
when I create my jewelry. I hope it transports the wearer to another
time, to childhood dreams and fantastical worlds.

I design my jewelry with movement and flowing natural forms. My
background as a sculptor taught me to render the human form.

Inspired by my love of antique jewelry, I felt drawn to combine
jewelry and sculpture into a wearable art form. I see jewelry, not
just as adornment to be viewed by others, but to be experienced by
the wearer.

I love to experiment in shapes, stones and various metals. Each
piece is a one of a kind, beginning with a gemstone embedded in wax.
I carve the wax away to reveal its final form.

I work in gold and alloys of silver with palladium and Shibuichi, an
ancient Japanese alloy of copper and silver. I like the contrast of
patinaed Shibuichi and polished silver.

Pieces are either cast or fabricated as with my handmade eyeglasses.
My hand made eyewear is a combination of my love of design, art and

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