[New Orchid Gallery] Michael Romanik

Michael Romanik
East Cleveland, Ohio. USA

As a student studying enameling in art school, I became intrigued
with the technique of cloisonne’, creating linear designs and images
with flat wire embedded between layers of colored granular glass.
This was my first introduction to enameling. In my pursuit to learn
more about this medium and wanting to perfect my skills with it, I
spent many years researching and experimenting with this art form
that captivated me.

Becoming familiar with the relative immediateness of enamel, I
wanted to use it in a functional manner. Making jewelry was a
natural step in my early process of mastering the medium. I enjoy
the intimate scale and proportion of jewelry and the satisfaction of
seeing objects that I’ve made being worn and appreciated by those
who wear them.

The seemingly endless variety of enamel hues that was available
seemed daunting. I chose a limited palette so that I could master
its qualities and properties. Each color has its own presence and
technical merits. For strong contrast, I place light color enamel
next to dark, emphasizing each one’s boldness and brilliance. For a
complimentary effect, similar colors overlap and blend into one
other, creating harmonious transition.

Additional colors eventually find their way into my color scheme as
I explore new imagery and subject matter.

Some early inspiration for my work was derived from my interest in
the objects and images of ancient cultures: the grandeur of ancient
Egypt, the colorful painted relief carvings on Mayan architecture,
the symbols of the Celts. Recent inspiration comes from nature: the
vibrant plumage of a songbird, the delicate markings of a butterfly
wing, the gentle curve of a small branch. A new interest is the
repetitive geometric patterns and motifs of Asian and Indian
textiles. The challenge of creating the intricate designs from gold
and silver wire fascinates me and tests my technical abilities.

I was born in 1966 and raised in the Cleveland OH area. My home and
studio are in East Cleveland. I am a 1989 graduate of the Cleveland
Institute of Art with a BFA Degree in Drawing and minors in both
Printmaking and Glass. I am a recipient of a 2011 Creative Workforce
Fellowship. My $20,000 fellowship was generously funded by Cuyahoga
Arts and Culture, The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture,
and the residents of Cuyahoga County OH.

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This is raising the bar ! Great talent !

Thank you for sharing on Orchid.

Best, MA

Beautiful work, Michael! Thank you for sharing your works of art
with us!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL