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[New Orchid Gallery] Luisa Bruni


Luisa Bruni, Italy

My background and my close proximity to the art world has always
influenced my research in the field of ornaments providing me a
better medium to model my dreams.

“Jewels” to me are only the visible part of something that I always
carry inside me.

The poetic element of which is imbued with all my work is made up of
images, sometimes in sequence of moments, the slow passing of time,
where, in the space between looking the piece and reading the title,
is founded my jewel, as the image of a haiku. The design object
becomes the container physical and symbolic, just like the frame for
a painting.

I am interested in stimulate more senses simultaneously (sight,
hearing, smell) of the viewer to bring him the same emotional state
that I feel when created it and situate him in a childlike wonder.
The materials I use, as well as the technique, are in function of
this idea.

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