[New Orchid Gallery] Lois Martens

Artist: Lois Martens
Orchid Gallery: Jewelry Gallery - Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

I truly feel that a person is the sum of their experiences. I have
acquired extensive knowledge and learned many skills. I use many
different techniques and materials in my jewelry production. Most of
my designs use precious metals. But I will use the material that is
best for the design. All of my jewelry is hand-made.

My jewelry pieces are of high quality and durability. Creating
beautiful, hand-made, wearable jewelry is a labor-intensive process.
It is a moment of great satisfaction to hold a newly finished piece
of jewelry in my hands. The joy and satisfaction that I see
reflected on people’s faces when they acquire their piece of unique,
hand-made jewelry renews my desire to continue creating pieces.