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[New Orchid Gallery] Liz Marie Bucheit

Liz Marie Bucheit
Crown Trout Jewelers
Lanesboro, MN. USA

Adornment is personal - a connection between art and the wearer. I
seek to create pieces that establish an artistic tether whereby I
continue to aesthetically and physically touch the wearer throughout
the legacy of their life. My journey as an artist began growing up in
a Scandinavian community in Iowa where I visited the silver
collection at the local Norwegian museum with its cases of bridal
crowns, belts and pins. I was haunted by fairy tales of the mountain
king stealing the bride on her wedding day. The silver jewelry she
wore was supposed to protect her and only the most beautifully
crafted pieces would ensure her safe delivery to the church. I
continue to be fascinated and inspired by the cult of the bride in
various cultures and much of my work focuses on the historical and
social significance of the bridal crown in particular. I am
constantly looking to expand my own voice within and throughout the
margins of traditional metalworking.

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