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[New Orchid Gallery] Linda Gebert

Artist: Linda Gebert
Orchid Gallery:

I began enameling in the 1970’s at the Wichita Art Association, in a
program that began with Margaret Craver in the 1930’s, and employed
other notable enamelists such as Mary Kretsinger, Margret Seeler and
Glenice Matthews. I later took one class in metals, and then
continued my education through books, experimentation, and
occasional workshops with prominent metalsmiths. A number of years
later I taught enameling and jewelry making at the same institution,
and at Wichita State University for several years. Now I happily
work in my own studio when I feel like it, which is much of the

“Culture” - cloisonne enamel on copper, sterling, 24Kgold,

Pendant - Aaron Faber Gallery NY show. Silver, 14K, 24K gold, enamel

PermutaTriangle - enamel, sterling, PMC, peridot, jaspar

Nike Redux -enamel, sterling, PMC, 24K gold foil, jaspar, labgrown