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[New Orchid Gallery] Linda Darty


Linda Darty

I am fascinated by the sentimental value of old badge collections,
and the memories they provide long after they are worn. The enameled
garden badge pieces were made in homage to my mother and the garden
club she joined in the rural town where I grew up. I received my
first formal color and design lessons from her as I learned to
arrange flowers while a member of the Junior Garden Club. The women
in this small town would gather monthly, meeting with armfuls of
flowers and greens that were spread over tables. These badges pay
tribute to their efforts to create and formalize a time in their
lives to celebrate beauty, community, and friendship while also
expressing my ongoing inspiration from nature.

I’m intrigued by what kinds of badges I would identify myself with
as the adult person I’ve become, not only what I would wear now, but
what would be left behind for some future relative to pour over in a
long forgotten jewelry box. I would want them to find flowers,
leaves and branches of silver and blossoms of delicately painted
glass, and to remember that I wore and made them to keep them alive
in my life. that in the midst of the technology, the construction
and destruction of this world so often at war, there is beauty to be

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Your Garden Badges are amazing.