[New Orchid Gallery] Josanne Mark

Josanne Mark

Josanne Mark graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology
(FIT) in Manhattan in 2011 and Currently lives and works in
Trinidad. An artist she is inspired by two things, the tangibles
that we all encounter in everyday living and the intangibles that we
feel and visualize but cannot touch or see. She says, “Anything or
everything can be an inspiration to me; the curve of a car,
architecture, landscapes and natural objects, they all inspire
creativity in me. There is also a source of inspiration that lives
in my head, one that comes from within, from my soul, from God”. As
a designer and metal smith, she respects the age old craft by
maintaining traditional handcrafting techniques while imposing her
unique perspective which is evident in the materials and textures
that she combines. Spawned form this, is a collection of artwork
that speaks to the contemporary wearer.

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