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[New Orchid Gallery] Jonathan James Stroud

Jonathan James Stroud
Chasing Victory
Redding, California. USA

I am inspired most by my wife, 3 year old daughter and our little
girl due in December.

I am 30 years old. I lost the use of my left hand due to an accident
with a table saw. I worked as a hardwood floor refinisher/installer
in the San Fransisco bay area where I lost the use of my hand. I
needed to figure out something to do with my life, so after much
struggle I began creating these wooden rings. If it wasn’t for the
love of my family and life I would not of pushed myself so hard and
make something of myself. I now want to do more in my life with one
hand than I ever did with two hands.

Passion is contagious! Show us your passion, Show us your work!

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I am 30 years old. I lost the use of my left hand due to an
accident with a table saw..... I now want to do more in my life
with one hand than I ever did with two hands. 

Hi Jonathan, welcome.

I thought you might like to know about Tom Herman, of 7 Fingers


Very nice!


Hi Jonathan,

Welcome…Read your intro and I have to admit I said to myself…
“Wooden rings? Ai yi yi”… (Not in a good way). So I went to the
gallery to take a look. Just writing to let you know that I had to
eat my thoughts and kick myself a few times for good measure.
Preconceptions…bah! Your rings are really lovely! Beautiful work!
One handed no less. Amazing! Nice photos too! Ai yi yi! (In a very
good way!)

Thank you for posting.


Lisa (yeah yeah…I’m still lurking. Hillside all terraced. Many
fruit and avocado trees are in. Goats, chickens, dogs, cats,
bunny…all well. Hope you are all having a grand summer.) Topanga,

Your work is beyond beautiful. So sorry about the accident. You’ve
pulled yourself up & certainly gone forward. Blessed be your works…

Sharon Perdasofpy 

Definitely inspirational thanks for the link :slight_smile: CIA

Hi Jonathan,

My grandfather lost several fingers and a thumb over his lifetime
through accidents with table saws. He went on as a carpenter and did
more work with his hands after his accidents than before. Happy
learning on your new craft and through your new art. Changing
direction takes time. Find your own way to the light. There are lots
of people willing to help you right here.


Hey Lisa, I read your post this morning with a smile on my face. I
have seen in person what wonderful rings Jonathan can make with one
useful hand. He came to my shop more than a year ago, and it was
probably three visits before I noticed his hand was damaged. Yes, not
very observant. In the past year he has added many new features, and
I am happy to have had the time to give him some new skills to go
forward with. He is a great student, tell him once or show him once
and he has got it. Way to go Jonathan…

Janine in still HOT Redding, CA

Hello Jonathan,

What great work! What do you charge for an opal inlay band like this
one?? I am thinking she will wear a size 6.5… but I’ll make sure
since this could be a little difficult to re-size!! Ha!

Many Thanks. Dan.

P.S… How the hell do you do that with one hand??? As I stated in
the group at orchid… I have two hands and 30+ years at the bench
and I would struggle with that piece!!! You my friend are talented!


Beautiful work Jonathan!

I have two hands, 30+ years at the bench and that opal inlay ring,
for me, out of wood would be a struggle!!! I want one! Watch your
e-mail as I will make contact immediately!

Just keep doing it! The best to you!!


Hello all,

This is what one can do with a handicap. Mind over body and the sky
is the limit! Beautiful work full of elegance and perfection. Very
well done!

Have fun and enjoy

Hello Dan!

Im a little new to this and I think that was the reason I missed
your email. All of a sudden I was bombarded with emails from all of
the forums. Ha! I didn’t expect that. I would loved to make this ring
for you! My turnaround time is 2-3 months because of back orders. I
know that can be a bit discouraging. I am selling my work currently
through Etsy -

Im going to keep this a bit short. Im not sure I am responding


Hello Janathon,

I like your work. I hope you become the Django Rhienhardt of