[New Orchid Gallery] John Moore

John Moore

Award winning contemporary jewellery artist, John Moore, creates his
unique pieces of wearable sculpture from brightly coloured
aluminium, silver and steel. With a degree in 3D design, he
fearlessly produces new forms of jewellery that are exciting,
alternative and extremely wearable. Inspired by nature, his current
collections, Elytra and Vane, include necklaces, pendants, bracelets
and earrings, but there is more to them than meets the eye. With
emphasis on colour, movement and tactility, his jewellery is
designed, not only a visual statement, but to give those who dare an
altogether different experience.

Moore began working on the collection whilst in his final year at
University and continues to make pieces to order. It shares the
concept of Vane using multiple units and graduated colour with fluid
movement. Whilst very tactile the result is much more delicate and
feminine than its successor, Vane. Every piece in the collection is
made of the same repeated shape in varying sizes and colours. The
shape was initially inspired by a beetles wing, or elytra in Latin.
Moore made it his mission to see how many different sculptural forms
he could create just using this shape. Perhaps the most successful
are the earrings which can be reversed simply by passing the hoop
through the opposite end of the drop.

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