[New Orchid Gallery] Jody S Ochs

Jody S Ochs

My work is hand formed and fabricated in sterling silver, with fine
silver or 22 karat gold bezels and accents, often Using gem stones
and pearls as the focal point. My inspiration comes from the nature
surrounding me in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina,
and places I have lived and traveled. Sculptural, elegant and fluid.
My current work includes spiculums, and hollow forming using both
anti-clastic and synclastic techniques.

A Minnesota native, I began my career in 1994 by designing and
creating jewelry by wrapping raw gemstones in gold and silver wire.
Next, I taught myself lapidary skills, and began carving my own

Seeking more challenge and a way to expand my design ideas, I
decided to learn fabrication - I am mostly self-taught, attending
weekend workshops when time allows, the most influential mentor is
Betty Helen Longhi. Growing up in the military service, I have lived
in many places, including Japan and Germany, and traveled most of
Europe. In 1997, a strong yearning to take my journey to a more
peaceful, quiet lifestyle, prompted my move from the inner city of
Minneapolis to the pristine mountains of North Carolina. Nestling in
the mountains near Asheville, has given way to a more intimate
relationship with nature, and allowed me the peace of mind to expand
both my creativity and metal smithing skills.

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