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[New Orchid Gallery] Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson

Artist: Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson
Orchid Gallery:

Different Seasons Jewelry is an artistic union between Jessica Dow’s
organic Art Nouveau inspired designs and Mark Anderson’s clean,
modern and elegant approach to jewelry and lapidary arts. Mark
Anderson, a gemology student at G.I.A., specializes in fine, rare
gemstones and he cuts the majority of gems used in Different
Season’s jewelry. Mark is an accomplished silversmith and goldsmith
who also works in platinum, palladium, gem carving, gem inlay and
lost wax casting. Jessica Dow has studied sculpture and drawing and
uses her love for nature, a meticulous eye for detail and her hand
sketched designs to create beautiful artisan jewelry. Jessica and
Mark combine their individual strengths and talents to form truly
original works of wearable art.