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[New Orchid Gallery] Jenny Reeves


Jenny Reeves (8 images)

Jenny Reeves designs artful jewelry for everyday wear. Her work is
created by fusing layers of sterling silver, 14K, and 18K gold; the
process develops organic stone-like textures and wood-grain patterns
that are balanced by geometric lines and classical proportions.
Patinas create contrast; colored stones and diamonds bring the
pieces to life. Each is crafted from recycled precious metals with
meticulous attention to detail. A Philadelphia native, Jenny moved
to San Francisco in 1995 and began metalsmithing at City College of
San Francisco in 2003. She enrolled at the Revere Academy of Jewelry
Arts in 2007, completed the Graduate Jeweler program in 2009, and
launched her business that same year.

It was also in 2009 that Jenny began experimenting with Argentium
sterling silver, a new silver alloy available in the U.S. since
2003. While best known for it’s tarnish-resistance, it was the
alloy’s unique fusing properties that enthralled her. As she began
exploring the metal’s inherent potential, she came to develop the
texturing techniques and stone-like surfaces that define her
signature style. Jenny now teaches Argentium 1 and 2 at the Revere
Academy. Full circle!

Her work has been featured in Metalsmith magazine, in galleries and

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