[New Orchid Gallery] Hyeseung Shin

Artist: Hyeseung Shin
Orchid Gallery: Jewelry Gallery - Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

I want my jewelry to stimulate people to see a more challenging view
of the object, and even to abandon classic ideas. Each created work
shows that there is more than the traditional pearl necklace, the
gold bracelet, and the diamond ring. The autonomy of each piece is

I present my jewelry as an individual work; as a small sculptural
still life. I begin with simple geometric form and then transform
shapes through the combination of different materials and
configurations of movement. All of my pieces are based on an
investigation of material, with regard to content and form. Form,
construction and material are handled as a whole, analytically and
minimally to create a bold effect.

I believe there are people who are open to seeing jewelry in a new
way. These people support design and the attitude of piece beyond
and emphasis on monetary value. Therefore, I take advantage of the
freedom to think and to demonstrate with my pieces the meaning of my
thoughts. The objects are a clear reflection of my thoughts and
ideas as I playfully engage forms and materials.