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[New Orchid Gallery] Gael and Howard Silverblatt


Gael and Howard Silverblatt

Gael and Howard met at Kent State University in Kent Ohio where Gael
was majoring in enameling under William Harper. After graduating in
1970 they traveled for several years, finally settling in Key West
where they began a life long collaboration creating finely detailed
cloisonn? jewelry and small objects. They moved to the small coastal
town of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County Florida in 1989.

“We are fascinated by the challenge of cloisonne as a medium to
portray the antics of minute characters in the midst of detailed
backgrounds,” they revealed. Howard fabricates the miniature objects
and jewelry using high karet gold and Gael creates the
unique narrative cloisonne images using fine ribbons of varying
heights of gold wire to make portions of the image appear to float
or recede within the layers of transparent enamel, suggesting a more
three dimensional space. The repeated applications and firings of
finely ground enamels create a saturated color field within a very
small area.

Over the years Gael and Howard have shown at numerous invitational
gallery and museum exhibitions and as well as juried shows through
out the US. With the continued support of many collectors around the
country they have been able to devote the time necessary to make
their very labor-intensive art. Recipients of the Florida Visual
Artist Fellowship Award for 2008-2009, 1999-2000 and 1993-1994.

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