[New Orchid Gallery] Gabrielle Gould

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My jewelry is interpretation of the natural feel of coastal Florida,
where I live. It is a figurative representation which depicts the
environment of the south with feathers, birds, and shells from the
beaches or scrubby dune hammock.

Inspired partly by the ornamentation of indigenous people, my use of
feathers is comparable to today’s prevalent use of The
color, texture and size of each of the feathers is carefully
considered when I create one-of-a- kind feather neckpiece. The
time-consuming process of organizing, trimming, and lastly
hand-wrapping the feathers onto the neckpiece is small part of a
fulfilling endeavor. By fabricating in silver and gold, I create an
“armature” upon which I add feathers. These metal forms are linked,
strung and/or woven to allow movement with the body- my goal being
to create textile-like feel.

My figurative bird imagery is also from the southern landscapemainly
coastal Florida. Each bird pin is based upon a species common to
this area. ike the feather pieces, all of the birds are made in
silver yet, I often add high karat gold, feathers, even oxidization
to them.

Ultimately, I want my art to convey harmony in design, grace in
execution, and sense of elegant simplicity.

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