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[New Orchid Gallery] Danielle Embry


Danielle Embry
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A native of southern Arizona, Danielle Embry received her Bachelor
of Fine Arts degree in Metals from Arizona State University in 2004.
Danielle’s work is included in many private collections and has been
exhibited widely in juried exhibitions throughout the United States.
Recent publications include Metalsmith Magazine 2009 Exhibition in
Print and 500 Enameled Objects from Lark Books. Danielle currently
resides and maintains a studio in Tucson, Arizona.

I am interested in reinterpreting organic forms, offering a
metaphorical construction for shared human experience. Metalwork and
ornament have a longstanding relationship with the natural world. My
work is linked to this tradition, using the visual language of
nature to present the viewer with an alternate perspective of the
world we inhabit.

Protection, self-preservation, vulnerability, openness,
reproduction, sexuality, growth, aggression, conflict, illness,
decay, life and death cycles are themes I visually engage and
reference. Rather than simply representing the natural world, I
prefer exaggerated, artificial forms that speak of an engineered
biology. My intention is to resist that which is commonly considered
universal or essential, and open a dialogue about what is assumed to
be “natural”.

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Danielle. this is a delightfull eye toy! It is great when process
takes an invisible back seat. Best, Chris