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[New Orchid Gallery] Christine Kipka

Christine Kipka
Kipkalinka Goldsmithing
Leipzig, Saxony. Germany

Since my early childhood I love creating in many forms - sewing,
drawing, tattooing and sculpture. At the age of 16 I got the
opportunity to attend jewelry classes in school. There I found my
life’s calling. Yet in sculpture I adored the fact that my creation
will last longer than me. Within the resistant material my ideas
become immortal. That’s also the part I love most about jewelry.
Just more than stone sculptures it accompanies the person who is
wearing it. You see and feel the sleek material, beautiful stones
and delicate design at any time. In my opinion fine jewelry is more
than just a nice fashion accessory - what you can get from me is a
direct expression of personality. Mine in yours, like friends have
thoughts and views in common. So a piece of my soul (as what I
consider my work) will become part of your life.

To make my rings, necklaces and earrings your lifelong friends I
want them to be everlasting. So I went to a craft school for jewelry
and glass after high school. There I was taught for 3 years in the
old craft of goldsmithing in its traditional way. Its a great
fortune, that in Germany old crafts are still being maintained in a
high grade of professionalism and precision. I am absolutely
grateful to have gained that kind of high level education as a

My training there comprised jewelry designing, drawing and
calligraphy, beneath the basic techniques also mokume gane,
enameling, repouss=E9, engraving, filigree and a little blacksmithing.

I study history of arts to get a closer view on old masters of
crafts. Goldsmiths in the Medieval spent almost their whole lives on
one piece. This is a understanding of dedication and time, that has
gone lost in our modern capitalist age. Thus it deeply impresses me,
if I see some work like that - may it be historic or nowadays.

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