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[New Orchid Gallery] Carrie Lousie Moore

Carrie Lousie Moore
Wrapture Gems Jewelry
Auckland, Waikato
New Zealand

I am a Jewelry Artist living in beautiful New Zealand, home of the
“Flight of the Concordes” and “Lord of the Rings”.

I enjoy working with opal, rare and unique genuine 100% natural gems
and pearls. I am fascinated with natures bounty in the realm of
gemstones and do my best to create a setting to enhance the beauty
of the gemstone I am working with. I have always loved jewellery and
have had a fascination for precious and semi-precious gemstones
since I was child. I remember collecting rocks and waiting for them
to reveal their hidden beauty as they came out of the lapidary
tumbler in my Dads workshop.

Opal is a particular passion of mine and I cut my own freeform solid
opals for use in my jewellery designs. I am loathe to grind away any
of the beautiful fire so I leave most of my opal pieces in free-form
shape. This lends itself to simple designs or to more intricate
wire-woven techniques and metal smithing.

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FABULOUS work! I’m also obsessed with all things opal. I really like
how you combine traditional metalsmithing techniques with wire
wrapping. I like to mix fabrication with precious metal clay. I
think mixing the traditional with makes for unique work.

Great job!
Eleanor Phillips