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[New Orchid Gallery] Carla Reiter

Carla Reiter

I have been exploring knitted metal for more than a dozen years. I
like the directness of knitting metal freehand, using pliers and
fingers. I’m exploring knitted structures on their own and in
combination with fabricated elements. The hollow, almost weightless
knitted forms and the massive solid ones both echo and oppose each

The materials play with the convention that jewelry be glittery and
precious. Silver is blackened, the “gems” are copper, pyrite, or
empty space: precious stones play a supporting role.

I want my work to blend an almost primitive handmade feeling with a
refined sense of design. I’m not especially interested in technique
for its own sake or in perfection. If I could, I’d abandon tools
altogether and just work the metal with my hands.

But my jewelry really isn’t cerebral. These materials and techniques
seem rich and beautiful to me - something I want to wear. All of
these pieces are meant to be worn. Someone once told me that my
jewelry only “wakes up” when a woman puts it on. That seems right to

  1. Berry Necklace. Knitted silverwith Lake Superior agates and
    pyrite crystals. Photo: Rod Slemmons

  2. Night Bracelet. Knitted silver with pyrite crystals. Photo:
    Robert Diamante.

  3. Cornetti Collar: Knitted silver with heat-patinated copper
    nuggets and diamonds. Photo: Robert Diamante.

Carla, I love the woven necklace, really interesting.

Sam Patania